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Tractor Bar

Huckleberry Sin

44 North Huckleberry Vodka

Homemade Lemonade

Fresh Mint

Blueberry Garnish

Served in a Souvenir Barrel Glass

The Story of Huckleberry Sin

Blushing berries and lively lemonade dance with huckleberry vodka in this deliciously sinful cocktail. Try it with a fresh hint of mint.

The Huckleberry Sin was conceived in a small bar in Big Fork Montana when partner, Jim Rees, was vacationing with his family and experienced Huckleberry Vodka for the first time. Mixed with homemade lemonade and garnished with blueberries, this drink was so refreshing and tasty that the idea of featuring it on the Hash House menu in a souvenir glass was born. A souvenir barrel glass was developed and the rest was history as this became one of the hottest selling beverages at Hash House a Go Go.

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